Season 1, Episode 8
Centric Character(s): Daisy Valero
Original Airdate: February 28, 2011 (US)
Written by: Jamie Brittain (US) & Bryan Elsley (UK & US)
Directed by: Samir Rehem
Episode chronology

"Daisy" is the eighth episode of Season 1.

Daisy puts her own dreams on hold to focus on cleaning up everyone else's messes.

Elements of this episode were adapted from the UK episode "Jal", which was written by Bryan Elsley.


Daisy spends her time caring for others and never has any fun for herself. She loves playing her trumpet and her sister loves singing, but with a strict dad who hates all kinds of music, with an absent mom. When Daisy decides to having casual sex with Abbud, they discover that Daisy's sister has thrown a party in their appartment with her singing rap to everyone. Eura, Tony's sister is there and is a total wreck. Abbud grabs the microphone from Daisy's sister and pretends he is the police causing everyong to run except Eura who has passed out on the floor. After calling the gang to help clean up the party before Daisy's father returns home, Chris finds Daisy's father's piano which got destroyed by the party. When Daisy and Abbud try for a second attempt to have casual sex, Daisy's father comes home early to discover his broken piano. Daisy takes the blame although she took no part in the destruction and her father demands she hands over he saved up money for college to pay for the rent. However, Abbud challenges Daisy's father and he storms out the door. As Abbud tries to take Daisy's money to avoid it being taken from her father, they finally have the casual sex which ends with Abbud running out the door in joy. The next day, Daisy is trying out for a prestige band which she drops out of because she feels guilty of lying to her father. The last scene shows Daisy's sister greeting her dad at the door and showing him the new piano that Daisy bought for him with her college money. The episode ends with Daisy and her father playing music together.

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