Series 5, Episode 3
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Centric Character(s): Mini McGuinness
Original Airdate: February 10 2011
Written by: Georgia Lester
Directed by: Philippa Langdale
Episode chronology

"Mini" is the third episode of Series 5 and the 40th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Mini McGuinness and her struggles to maintain her relationship with Nick Levan and the disintegration of her relationship with Liv Malone due to Nick's growing connection to Liv.


Mini wakes up in bed. She smiles at a photograph of her and Nick, before getting some breakfast, carefully weighing out nuts and dried fruit, and taking vitamins. She heads to the gym before going to see Nick playing rugby.

Later, Mini holds a committee meeting for the college's charity fashion show. She tells Professor Blood that Grace has prepared the clothes, and Blood reveals that the governors will be attending so the show has to be great. Franky arrives with the outfits, and Grace reveals that she has been helping. The pair have made clothes with different textures because the show is raising money for the blind, but Mini is unimpressed. She suggests that Grace is having a "personal crisis" and says the governors will just think the clothes are weird. Blood agrees and Mini decides to have a drastic rethink. Blood reminds her that she only has two days before the show but Mini promises to sort everything out. Soon, she fires Grace and takes Liv to find some new models. Grace catches up with them and tells them to stop being bitches so they can be friends. Mini claims that Grace has a major attitude problem and only has herself to blame for the comments that she is having a breakdown.

Mini goes to the locker room and finds Nick. She explains that she needs him to model in the fashion show, but he says his rugby training comes first. He reveals that his dad is away so they have the house to themselves that night. He offers to model if she stays over. Mini agrees but says she might not be in the mood for sex because she will be stressed. Nick points out that she's not a virgin, but Mini hesitates, eventually covering by saying she's worried he won't be able to handle her. Nick promises that the night will be special.

Later, Mini holds a fashion show rehearsal. Liv is disappointed to discover that she has been partnered with Nick's friend Rider. Nick tells Mini he can't wait for tonight, but Mini claims that she totally forgot and agreed to hang out with Liv because she is depressed about her love life. Nick suggests that they could all go out together, with Rider. Mini agrees. She heads to the gym, before going home and reading an article about sex positions in a magazine. She tries them out on her bed. Outside, her mother apologises for keeping her up the night before when she brought a man home. She asks when she will meet Nick, adding that men always only want one thing. Mini leaves to meet the others.

Mini, Nick, Rider and Liv go bowling, but Mini is not very good. Eventually, the group switch teams so that Nick is now with Liv. Rider produces a bottle of vodka, and Mini hesitates but eventually agrees to drink. As Nick is playing, she takes his keys from his jacket and puts them in her bag. The group end up being thrown out by security and Nick realises that he no longer has his keys. Mini says he must have dropped them inside and suggests they call it a night. However, Rider invites them over to his house. When they get there, they start playing a strip version of 'I Have Never'. Mini and Nick end up kissing and Liv says that the game must be over. She tells Rider to stop talking and they, too, start getting close. Mini tells Nick that she will be back in a second and goes to the bathroom, where she checks her breath and sniffs her armpits. When she returns to the living room, Liv and Rider are having sex on the sofa. Mini joins Nick and they start kissing again, but Mini is still unsure and claims that Liv's "panting" is ruining the mood. She says she can't do this, and Nick asks if she doesn't fancy him. Mini insists that she loves him and Nick asks her to prove it. She begins kissing his chest but suddenly stops, before throwing up on him.

Soon, Mini is slumped over Rider's toilet as Liv strokes her hair. Nick admits that he is running out of ways to get Mini into bed and Liv is shocked that they haven't slept together yet. Nick adds that it is strange that Mini keeps saying she loves him. The pair take Mini home and Liv discovers that Mini has been reading the sex positions article. Nick appears in the room and admits that although Mini is hot and makes him laugh, he doesn't know anything about her. He adds that he doesn't want to be in the fashion show because they'll look stupid. Liv says they need to give Mini their help and Nick stares at her, before saying she's "pretty sound". They settle down to sleep on the floor.

The next morning, Mini wakes up and stares at Nick and Liv on her bedroom floor. She goes to the gym, where she is told off for gaining 57g. She arrives at college and calls Liv, leaving a voicemail message complaining that she has a hangover and asking for help with the fashion show. She also leaves a message for Nick. She rushes about shouting at people to help her out, but in the common room Rich calls her "princess puke" and everyone laughs. Mini goes to the locker room and calls Nick again. She hears his phone ringing and when she finds it, she discovers that he also has three missed calls from Liv.

Later, Mini spots Nick and Liv dancing on the catwalk together and storms over, complaining that Liv is wearing her dress. Liv apologises and explains that she was helping Nick with his dance routine, but Mini is furious. She puts on her dress, complaining that Liv has stretched it, and tells Liv that she knows she told everyone that she was sick on Nick. Liv insists that she was looking after Mini and storms off. Everyone starts asking Mini questions about the show, and Nick appears, telling her that the dress looked better on Liv. Mini yells at him to "shut the f**k up" and Professor Blood appears, asking what's going on. Suddenly, Mini faints. Blood takes her to his office and says that the show starts in two hours, but everything is in disarray. He tells her to go home because she is unwell.

Mini returns home and starts crying in her bedroom, but soon starts applying fake tan, makeup and hair dye. She arrives at college and finds Nick, but he seems unimpressed by her new look. She asks him if they can go back to his, but he refuses to walk out on the fashion show. Mini watches the show from a window upstairs and sees Alo and Grace on the catwalk, wearing the clothes Grace and Franky designed. Nick and Liv close the show, and Liv thanks Mini for all her work.

At the after-show party, Liv says she is happy to see Mini. Mini asks where Nick is, before telling Liv to stay away from them. She walks off and Liv follows her, asking what's going on. She tells her not to sleep with Nick because he doesn't love her, but Mini says Liv has been bitching about her because she is jealous. She tells her to keep her hands off Nick. Liv tells her that she is the only person who still loves Mini and tells her to grow up before she has no-one left. Mini storms off and Liv begins crying. Nick appears behind her and hugs her, offering to dump Mini. He and Liv begin kissing. Meanwhile, Grace approaches Rich, but he asks if they should be talking. Grace says she is no longer friends with Mini, and Rich asks if they are still friends. Grace admits that she wants to be more than friends and the pair kiss awkwardly. Alo grins as he watches.

Franky finds Mini, who is sitting on the floor by herself, and asks to borrow a lighter. Franky insists that she is not trying to ruin Mini's life and admits that although she didn't know why Mini's group were friends at first, now she realises that they love each other. Mini lets Franky use her lighter, signifiying an awkward truce, and Franky tells her to come and dance. They both head back to the dancefloor but suddenly Mini sees Liv coming in, pulling her tights up, followed by Nick, whose jacket is undone. She tells Franky: "You didn't see that, OK?" Meanwhile, Franky looks through the crowd and suddenly makes eye contact with Matty, but he soon walks off.

Mini finds Nick and starts kissing him, telling him to take her to his house. They return and start kissing again, but Nick admits that he doesn't think they are clicking. Mini promises to try harder and asks him to forget the day happened. They continue to kiss and Mini asks Nick if he has a condom. He finds one and offers it to her, but eventually puts it on himself. He climbs on top of her and appears to realize she is a virgin, asking if there is anything she wants to tell him. However, Mini repeats that she loves him. She seems to be in pain as they have sex. She repeats the question to him, but he gives her the same answer and does not mention that he cheated on her with Liv.

The next morning, Mini wakes up and discovers that Nick has left a note saying he has gone to practice. She screws it up and throws it across the room before leaving. As she walks home in her dress and Nick's hoodie, a van driver shouts at her. She arrives at the park, where she tears up some flowers and puts her feet in them. Eventually, she walks home and discovers her mother arriving home from a night out at the same time. Her mother offers her her hand, but Mini refuses to take it. She walks along the street with her dress trailing behind her, getting muddy.

Music Featured in "Mini"[2]

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks for both the UK home media release of Series 5.

Toots and The Maytals - It Must Be True Love

Marc Robillard - Time With You

Cheryl Cole - Parachute

Lady Gaga - Boys Boys Boys
Eddie Cochran - Nervous Breakdown
The Sonics - Night Time is the Right Time
Roots Manuva - UK Warriors
Breakage - Run ‘em out
Diane Cluck - Petite Rose
Skream - Auto Dub
Crystal Fighters - With You
Segal - Leave Home
New York Dolls - Looking For a Kiss
Segal - I Wanna Be Your Facilitator
Segal - Momus, Ultra Frankenstein
Akron/Family - Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead
The Sonics - Do you Love Me