Series 5, Episode 2
Centric Character(s): Rich Hardbeck
Original Airdate: February 3 2011
Written by: Jamie Brittain
Directed by: Philippa Langdale
Episode chronology

"Rich" is the second episode of Series 5 and the 39th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Rich Hardbeck and his quest to ask out "the Angel of Death" with the help of his best friend Alo Creevey, along with dealing with his growing feelings for Grace Violet.


The episode opens with Rich dancing to heavy metal at a party, but it soon emerges he is listening to it through headphones. Alo introduces him to two girls, but is embarrassed when Rich puts his heavy metal music on through the speakers. Eventually, the duo are thrown out of the party. That night, Alo sleeps over at Rich's house and complains that he will never get to have sex if Rich keeps acting like a "douche". Rich explains that he doesn't want to waste his time on mainstream girls but would be able to successfully ask out a metalhead. Alo decides to find a metalhead for him.

Later, Rich gets ready for college and says goodbye to his very suburban father, Kevin. He meets Alo in the library, who points out an attractive metalhead. Rich reluctantly agrees to talk to her but is extremely awkward and doesn't manage to ask her out. Later, Alo announces that he needs help. Rich claims that it was just a lack of preparation but Alo decides that he needs a teacher - someone who knows girls but won't think they're weird. The pair go to see Franky, but she refuses to help because she doesn't have a mother or sister and her biggest experience of girls is being beaten up by them. However, she suggests that someone else could help and takes them to see Grace, who is practising her ballet. Rich begins to explain the situation but Mini walks in with Liv. Mini and Franky have an awkward and hostile conversation and eventually Grace leaves with Mini and Liv.

Rich goes to sit in the park and is joined by Grace, who is in disguise so that Mini doesn't realize she's helping him. Rich suggests that it is not a good idea for Grace to help because she represents everything he doesn't like, but Grace persuades him to show her the girl he likes. When they see her, Rich is forced to explain the concept of a metalhead and again insists that the plan won't work. However, Grace reveals that she is good at acting and promises to play a metalhead character so that he can practise asking people out. Rich reluctantly agrees and takes her to a record shop so she can get into character. The shop owner - Toxic Bob - hands over Napalm Death tickets to Rich. Grace spots a golden record and Toxic Bob explains that it is the heaviest recording of all time, and only three exist. Rich is dismissive of Grace and eventually plays her some music which is so loud that she passes out. When she comes round, Toxic Bob plays her something a bit quieter and lets her have the CD for free. Rich complains that Grace is only getting free music because she is a girl, and Grace storms out. Toxic Bob advises Rich not to be an "asshat". Rich finds Grace sitting outside and she tells him to be nicer to her. She complains that he keeps calling her stupid and points out that he couldn't answer one question about ballet, which is as important to her as metal is to him. Rich is dismissive again and Grace ends up leaving.

The next day, Alo is driving Rich around and persuades him to try to ask out the Angel of Death again. Rich angrily agrees and tells Alo to drop him off. He goes to a pub, and is joined by Grace, who is in character as a metalhead. Rich is impressed when she reels off some musical references and describes her as a girl who's helping him. However, he adds that she lets people walk all over her. Grace is furious and claims that no-one knows what she's really like. Rich encourages her to be angry, telling her not to let anyone trash-talk her. Soon Grace gets up onto the table and starts singing along to the metal music - 'F**k you I won't do what you tell me'. Rich looks on, smiling, as the whole pub gets involved. However, outside Rich suggests that he will ask out the Angel of Death tomorrow and the pair go their separate ways.

The next morning, Kevin asks Rich to get his mother something for her birthday and hands him some money. Rich heads to school and nervously asks out the Angel of Death, but she turns him down and insults him. Rich is disappointed, and as he leaves he bumps into Grace. She invites him to her ballet recital but he angrily turns her down. Alo overhears and drags him into the van, telling him off for turning down a date with Grace. Rich announces that he refuses to compromise and the pair argue. Eventually Rich storms off, as Alo claims that he is just scared.

Rich goes to see Toxic Bob and buys the golden record. He takes it home and puts it on, listening to it through headphones. It is so loud that he starts to shake but he leans over and turns up the volume, screaming as he listens. When he takes his headphones off, all he can hear is a whistling sound. He goes to the doctor, who explains that he has gone deaf and just has to wait and see if his hearing will come back. Rich heads outside and tears up his Napalm Death ticket. He goes to see Grace's ballet recital instead and starts crying as he watches. Outside, Rich tells Grace that her dancing was beautiful. He admits that he tore up his Napalm Death ticket but Grace produces some from her coat. The pair go to the gig together and Grace begins to crowdsurf.

When Rich wakes up, he is relieved to discover that his hearing has returned. He receives a text from Grace, thanking him for a good night. He begins to text back, asking her out, but deletes it. Downstairs, he goes to see his father and asks him for advice about girls. Kevin tells him just to ask, pointing out that the worst that could happen is she could say no. He adds that Rich could then try again or move on. Rich thanks him and heads to college, picking up some flowers on the way. He meets Alo in the corridor and the pair make up. Franky approaches and Rich asks where Grace is, before going to find her. Alo and Franky see Rich's flowers and laugh.

Rich finds Grace outside and asks to talk to her. She explains that she is about to meet Mini and tells him to be quick. They agree that they had a good time at the gig but Rich hesitates and Grace suggests that it was a good thing that nothing happened between them. Rich is disappointed but agrees. Grace asks who the flowers are for and he shows her that the gift card is addressed to his mom. Mini appears and Grace goes to join her. As she walks off, she makes a metal gesture with her hand and Rich smiles.

Music Featured in "Rich"[2]Edit

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks for both the UK home media release of Series 5.

Kyuss - Thumb
Roll Deep - Good times
Slayer - Angel of Death
Drowning Pool - Bodies
Napalm Death - Deceiver
Napalm Death - Impressions
Napalm Death - You Suffer
Fur Elise - Beethoven
Burning Skies - RKD
Napalm Death - The Kill
Napalm Death - Uncertainty Blurs The Vision
Cancer Bats - Sabotage
Slayer - Piece by piece
Slipknot - Psychosocial
Black Pyramid - Visions of Gehenna
The Strokes - Juice box
Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name
Napalm Death - Success
Napalm Death - Parasites
Slipknot - My plague
Segal - Misplaced Abortion
Unknown Symphony - Vivaldi
Napalm Death - Strong Arm
Fur Elise - Beethoven
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark



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