Abigail "Abby" Stock is a fictional character on the television series Skins, and is portrayed by Georgina Moffat.

She is one of two secondary main characters who were included in the promotional material for the "first generation" along with the primary main cast (the other being Posh Kenneth).


She is presented as being kind of ditzy, and a bit oblivious. On her Skins profile, she hates when people nickname her "Gail" but is okay being called "Abi". She states that she loves hanging with her friends. She also says that her dream man is "A tall dark stranger who works out and is at least 6 foot with liquid blue eyes and a nice mouth and outgoing but also into me and has a nice smart name like Harry or Hugo or Anthony or something...", indicating that she was talking about Tony Stonem.

Character History

Series 1

In "Tony", After Tony is accepted to a previously all girls choir, he says he’s looking forward to it and goes to leave but is intercepted by Abigail. In a rather posh accent, she tells him that her friends think he’s “really cool, ya?” indicating the group of about 30 girls stood sheepishly in the corner. Tony tells her that he’ll be at her party tonight, with friends.

That night, Sid and Tony arrive at Abigail’s house with Michelle and Cassie, which is a big mansion type place. Eventually they go in, but not before Sid lets them all know they have 3 ounces to sell, not one, and shows them the big bag of drugs to prove it. They knock on the door, which is opened by Abigail who is delighted to see Tony again. Upon being introduced, Cassie gives Abigail a big hug, taking her by surprise, and then runs off to find the kitchen. When they reach the living room, Abigail has them all take their shoes off as her mother just had the carpet imported from Iran. They remove their shoes, revealing that Sid is wearing holey, mismatched socks, much to Abigail's distaste.

Abigail hands out the rum punch and then introduces them to the rest of her friends, Sara, Josh, Sara 2, Maddy, Felicia, Hugo, Sebastian, Sara 3, Sam and Sara 4. Abigail asks Sid if his name is Polish, and introduces him to her Polish friend, Danuta, a heavy-set girl dressed in black. Danuta eyes Sid up and down and comes over as Abigail tells him she doesn’t speak English, but he can just talk to her in Italian or French, neither of which Sid speaks. In Italian, Abigail and Danuta end up saying how small Sid’s cock must be, but apparently she likes him. Danuta wanders off, so Tony asks Abigail if her and her friends would like a “little something”. Abigail says yes, but they have to go outside because the silk wallpaper from Rome would become smelly. Just then, ‘MC Hugo” gets on the microphone, saying he’s he’ll be the DJ, and managing to sound completely ridiculous by saying “shizzle” and “dizzle” in his posh accent. Everyone starts dancing, or somewhere close to it. Abigail, followed by Michelle then Tony, go off to join the dancing, leaving Sid on his own.  Abigail clearly wants to impress Tony, but she is visibly annoyed when she sees Tony dancing with Michelle, who is wearing a particularly sexy outfit.

Later, Abigail gets some unwelcome attention from a half naked Chris, who is unknowingly treading mud into the Iranian carpet. She tells him to “take them off”, referring to his shoes, but he takes his pants of instead.  A brawl quickly ensues between her friends and Chris, Maxxie and Anwar (who had hocked their cell phones in the entryway).

In "Cassie", she can be heard talking to her mother (who is Cassie's doctor/psychologist) through the phone and calling her an "expletive bitch", bringing her mother to ask Abigail if she took her medication.

In "Sid", Tony starts singing a duet with Abigail during the choir concert; worrying Michelle with the looks they give each other. Their song eventually culminates in a kiss, which really worries Michelle. As soon as Tony leaves the stage, Michelle gets up to follow with an angry look on her face. Sid goes after her, as does Chris without taking his eyes off the stage, and the male choir. Backstage, Michelle passes through the girls dressing area without much trouble, but Sid gets screams and shouts with Chris enjoying very second of it. Michelle finds Tony in his dressing room, shirt half off, with Abigail singing at him and his hand under her blouse.

Tony explains he checking Abigail’s diaphragm contractions. Michelle is so enraged that she barely has the breath to call him a “wanker”. He tries to giver her a bunch of flowers and a teddy bear, but she rips it’s head off. Abigail gets upset, as it was her lucky teddy, but Michelle tells her to “fuck off” as well. Abigail gives her a load of psychological bull, earning her a well-deserved slap across the face from Michelle. Unexpectedly, Abigail unleashes a torrent of abuse, saying “I’ll kill you, you fucking flat chested cock-sucking, spastic horse-fucker!”, and in a church as well. This amazes everyone there, but Michelle just leaves, and Tony asks Abigail to do the same so he can talk to Sid. Abigail goes as well, saying she needs her medication.

In "Michelle", It turns out that Tony had cheated on Michelle with several girls, but Michelle gets angriest when she hears that Tony slept with 'posh' Abigail. On hearing this news, Michelle marches straight over to Abigail's school, after arguing with Jal. There, a violent Abigail is being held back by a good-looking boy. Michelle insults Abigail, warning her that Tony might carry diseases, before walking off - the boy holding Abigail, who we learn is her brother, Josh, watched Michelle longingly.

Later, she unknowingly helps Tony sabotage the relationship between Josh and Michelle as he pays somebody to steal Josh's phone. Tony then asks Abigail if she will help him with an art project, in which he takes saucy photos of her. He then copies these to Josh's phone and purposely 'sends to all'. Michelle receives the photos and breaks-down, thinking Josh is indeed a creep.

Series 2

In "Tony and Maxxie", Abigail meets Tony and Effy as they walk up to the rave, however, Tony cannot remember who she is. She continues to try to get him to remember, but Effy cuts her off saying "he can't place you" and the two walk away.

In "Sketch", at a costume fund raising party for Drama, Michelle wears a costume modeled on Princess Leia, only to be insulted by Abigail, who is also dressed as Leia. To make matters worse she came to the party with Tony, who is dressed as Luke Skywalker. Michelle is hurt that Tony dressed "for" Abigail, although Tony is unclear himself of the circumstances of his costume, let alone his relationship with Abigail. Michelle takes Tony into a private area where she confronts Tony as to why he took Abigail to the party. We learn that Abigail has been convincing Tony that she is his girlfriend, not Michelle.

In "Sid", Tony and Sid visit a club where Abigail is singing back-up for a band. After her performance she comes down to talk to them, but Sid tells her to leave them alone, saying she has been lying to Tony and that he loves Michelle. Abigail tries to convince Tony that Sid is lying, but Tony shuns her, telling her that he believes Sid. Abigail storms off promising that 'she'll be back' - however this is slightly ironic, as she does not make any future appearances.

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