Alexander "Alex" Henley[1][2] is a fictional character in the television series Skins, and is played by Sam Jackson.

He is the only cast member from the "third generation" to be introduced in the sixth series, having never made any previous appearances in the fifth series.


Alex is a gay teenager who also has status as one of the lads amongst his peers; being gay is only incidental to his character. However, he seems to be very promiscuous, sleeping with men sometimes "just to relieve tension...he likes the adrenaline rush."[3]

Initially, Alex is someone who relies on luck to decide things for him, as he rolls his treasured six-sided die and does what ever the number corresponds to on his set of notecards, even if they get him into trouble.

He arrives to Bristol and Roundview shortly after Grace Blood's death, and immediately strikes a connection and friendship with Liv Malone, much to the chagrin of the rest of the gang, especially Mini McGuinness, who views Alex as trying to replace Grace in their group.

However, they eventually learn to accept him and befriend him, especially after he helps them deal with Grace's death.

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