Aloysius "Alo" Creevey (b. 1994) is a fictional character in the television series Skins, and is played by Will Merrick.


Alo is a teenager who spends most of his time hanging out with Rich Hardbeck in his van. He owns a dog named Rags and has an interest in a wide variety of pornography from throughout the ages. He is seen as very unlucky with women and fails to find a girlfriend.

In his centric episode it is shown that Alo lives on a farm with his domineering mother and 'doormat' father, who are disappointed by his party lifestyle and low grades. After his father ends up in hospital Alo promises to work harder on the farm and in college so he isn't permanently pulled out.

According to his profile, Alo is a farmer boy, pot-head and (like Rich) slightly terrified of girls.[1]

Character History

Series 5

In "Franky", Alo and Rich witness Franky's dramatic entrance into Roundview College, on a motorised scooter, and immediately see her as a fellow outcast. They later approach her at lunchtime, but are promptly chased off by Mini, who hopes to make peace with Franky after a fight they had on the hockey pitch. The next day, when Nick posts embarrassing pictures of Franky on the school walls, Alo and Rich attempt to warn her, but are unsuccessful and she is humiliated. Later on, they attempt to get into Mini's birthday party, but are quickly outmatched by the security guard at the door, and ejected. Despite this, the two conspire with Grace to kidnap Franky, whom they take to a swimming pool in Alo's van (which he obtained the right to drive over the summer), where they bond as a group of their own.

In "Rich", Alo becomes frustrated with Rich constantly getting in between him and girls, and attempts to persuade him to find a girlfriend. Although Rich scoffs at this idea, Alo soon tracks down a potential love interest for Rich - female metalhead who works in the library. Seeing that he needs help learning how to interact with girls, Alo seeks the help of Grace, who knows more about girls than Franky. Later, when the girl in the library turns out to be as shallow as the girls Rich despises, and he turns down Grace's request to date him, Alo remonstrates him in the van, and the two get into an argument, before Rich storms off. The two reconcile later, after Rich realises that he needs to be open-minded about the girls he would like to date.

In "Liv", Alo and his friends are invited over to Liv's house by Mini, who hopes to make amends with them. After accepting their apologies, Alo withdraws a large bag of weed and declares that nobody will leave the house until it's been smoked. He and the group spend most of the episode high in Liv's house, before being kicked out by an angry Liv after a fight with Mini.

In "Nick", Alo's desperation to find a girlfriend has increased, and the gang are seen attempting to think of a girl he could date. Nick suggests he date Franky, which causes discomfort amongst the group, not the least because Matty agrees, to Franky's dismay.

In "Alo", Alo's domineering mother and hen-pecked father are introduced. It is demonstrated that they are often cruel to him (though his father merely does so because he is scared of his wife), forbidding him to go out and party with his friends until after he has had a tractor driving lesson. Additionally, he is frequently told by his mother how disappointed she is in him, which frequently destroys his good spirits. His father secretly allows him to go early, but when his mother finds out, she informs him that they are planning to pull him out of school in order to force him to buckle down on the farm. Despite the gang's efforts to persuade him to stand up to them, he is unable to do so. Later, Alo accidentally kills the family cow by dropping his spliff onto a propane canister. This prompts his mother to confiscate all of his possessions, including his van and dog (much to his horror) and she and his father take them off to be sold, despite his pleas.

Alo, burning with rage, finally hits his breaking point, and decides to get revenge by destroying the one thing his family loves - the farm. He immediately calls his friends over for an egg and flour fight, effectively destroying the farm's entire produce. He then organises an impromptu party, which trashes the farmhouse. When his family return, they are confronted with a crowd of teenagers leaving, and are aghast to find the farm completely wrecked. A drunken Alo angrily lashes out at them, particularly his father for allowing his mother to pick on him, calling him "gormless and old." However, the shock is too much for his father, and he collapses, suffering a heart attack. His mother is genuinely panicked and tells Alo to call an ambulance. Realising his father may die, Alo is devastated and racked with guilt. He confesses to Mini at a party at Nick's house, and she consoles him, before getting up and dancing with him. He is unable to get help from Rich, but is reassured by his family farmhand that his father is fine, and that they did not actually sell Alo's belongings. When Alo returns home, he receives the usual harsh response from his mother, but for once, stands up for himself, and pledges to her that he will grow up and try harder, but that he will not be able to do so unless she makes an effort as well, bringing her out in tears. Later, Alo reconciles with his father.

In "Everyone", Alo is tasked with driving the gang to a church in Somerset, where Rich and Grace intend to marry. Disorganised as ever, Alo neglects to bring a proper map, and they get lost in the woods. to make matters worse, the van breaks down, and there is no phone signal. Grace and Rich hitch a ride with an elderly couple going to the town where they intend to marry, and Liv, Matty and Franky go off on their own, as does Mini, when she becomes frustrated with Alo's poor planning. Alo and Nick bond over drinks, and Alo rescues Nick from a rabbit snare. They eventually make it to the Church, but not before Grace's father, David Blood, arrives, but through Nick's influence, he agrees to let them get on with it.</p>

Series 6

In Series 6, "Everyone" Alo loses his virginity and starts a relationship with Mini McGuinness. He later confesses his love for Mini, but she pushes him away and he eventually doesn't want to be around Mini anymore as it's too exhausting loving her. However he doesn't know that she is pregnant with his child.He later finds out in episode 9 and he reacts badly at first but after a bit of encouragment from Rich he decides to be there for Mini and the baby. In the final episode he is in a relationship with Mini and he is present for his daughter's birth.

In "Mini" Alo and Mini are having sex in a bathroom stall at a party, by the end of it Alo confesses to Mini that he loves her. After realising the mistake he has made, he tries to apologise but a panicked Mini rushes him out of the stall as Liv comes in to find Mini.


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