Angie was the gang's psychology teacher, who had an affair with Chris.

Relationship with Chris

Chris is shown to have interest in Angie. After that, he shows interest in Angie when he and damon had drove her home one night and saw her naked.In the near future, When she arrived to one of his parties, Chris gave her a hug. Because Chris had taken several viagras, Angie mistook his erection to be caused by her. She then fled the scene, Chris chasing after her.

While along on a field trip to Russia, Angie and Chris made love for the first time, although she stated in a further episoder that their 'relationship was over.' On another day when driving Chris and Damon home, after dropping Connie off, Angie states she does not want to continue seeing Chris. In a split second, she changes her mind and begins rapidly kissing Chris.

It is later revealed that Angie was engaged, but was separated from her fiancee. She later left him and broke off her relationship with Chris.

In season two, she and Chris meet again, as he got a job as a realter and she was looking for a new home.

At another of Chris' parties, Angie and Chris made love again, when Chris was having troubles with his current girlfriend, Jal. He decided he did not want to carry on, because he didn't want to upset Jal. 

In a message she leaves on Chris' answering machine, she stated she didn't want to cause anymore trouble and apologised.[[Category:Fe