Cadie Campbell[1] was a fictional character in the American adaptation of Skins, and was portrayed by Britne Oldford.


Like her UK counterpart, Cadie is depicted as being eccentric and suffering from several mental disorders and multiple problems, including low self-esteem, suicidal idealization, and drug addiction.

Unlike Cassie, Cadie desires to have friends that understand her and can see past her quirks. In some cases, she'll bribe the crew with her prescription drugs in order to get close to them. She seems to have no malicious intent to use people like Cassie did.

Cadie sees a shrink for her condition and often makes up fantastic stories to get through the sessions. Her shrink attempts to get her to tell a story with some truth in it, yet she is hesitant to face the truth.

Because they see the same shrink, Cadie bonds with the silent Eura early on in the series. She willingly takes Eura in after the latter runs away in an attempt to bring everyone together during the episode Eura.