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Connel Champion
Connel Champion
Family: Poppy Champion (daughter)
Romances: Celia Champion (ex-wife)
Enemies: Alo Creevey
Series Information
First Appearance: "Alo" (6.07)
Last Appearance: "Alo" (6.07)
Potrayed by: Jamie Michie

Connel Champion was a minor character that appeared in Series 6 of Skins (UK). He was potrayed by Jamie Michie.

Character History

Series 6


Alo goes to Poppy's house to confront her parents. There, Poppy tells her parents that what she told the police was a lie, only for a massive argument to erupt between Celia and Connel, and Alo, seeing how upset Poppy is with it, ends it by bellowing at the two to shut up. He tells Connel that Poppy's allegations are true, and he indeed engaged in sexual activity with her without knowledge of her age. Unfortunately, he ends up getting beaten up and then thrown out by Poppy's father, who tells him that he will see him in court.

Near the end of the episode, Alo receives a phone call from Poppy, who tells him that her parents have split up and that Celia has forced Connel to drop the charges and threatened to report him for beating Alo up the night before.

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