Jalander "Jal" Fazer is a fictional character in the television series Skins, and was portrayed by Larissa Wilson.


Jal is described by the official Skins website as "super bright and the most talented young clarinet player in the country". The daughter of fictional celebrity Ronny Fazer, she is easily the most affluent of all of her friends, of whom she is closest to Michelle Richardson, Cassie Ainsworth and Chris Miles. As a highly talented and intellectual teenager, she defies various stereotypes. Her school is quick to take pride in (and responsibility for) a young black student being so successful, despite carrying little interest in the naturally gifted Jal. She is very straightforward and self aware, and has contempt for her brothers' fake "ghetto" personas as well as Tony Stonem's poor treatment of Michelle, and the way in which Sid Jenkins ignores Cassie.

According to her Myspace-style "about me" section on the Skins website, she dislikes modern pop artists and wishes to "sue MTV Base for prolonged emotional distress". Her favourite "musical dynamics" are Dolce, Affettuoso, Rubato and Giocoso. Her other favourite things include eating chips, Maxxie Oliver's dancing, and the correlation between maths and music (Pythagorean triples). She is also incredibly driven, finding herself knowing more than her careers advisor, having planned out her future, and having to pass up a fifteen minute interview in awkward silence.

Character History

Series 1

Jal 1 - Copy

Jal in Series 1

In "Jal", Jal prepares for the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition, she plays clarinet, while facing domestic difficulties. Her father is a celebrity and a successful retired Hip Hop artist. Jal’s mother left the family when Jal was young. Jal shops for a dress to wear but Michelle and Tony leave her to have sex. Jal decides to take Sid. She informs Sid she knows he likes Michelle to his shock. Michelle lends Jal a dress to wear which she does at her house party. The males in the group focus on Jal which leads Michelle to become angry as she is used to being centre of attention. Michelle admits to Sid she knows he has a thing for her but states they are just friends as she watches Tony flirt with Abigail. That night, the angry drug dealer (Maddison Twatter) and an associate corner Sid and Jal in an alley and the dealer breaks Jal’s clarinet after Sid does not have the money to pay. Jal’s father becomes more understanding and buys her a new clarinet for the competition. Associates and himself hunt down the dealer.

Later, in "Chris" it is revealed she did not win Young Musician of the Year and only received £25 to cover her traveling costs (to which Chris responds contemptuously in reference to the judges, "wankers"). Jal helps Chris find his dad (after his mother ran away and left him with little money), but when he arrives his step mother seems surprised at Chris' appearance. When Chris' dad comes home from work, he does not want to see Chris. This results in Chris running to Peter's grave, his deceased brother, and he starts to talk about how his brother always used to help him, especially at Scouts when he was a young boy. He swears Jal to secrecy over the events. He then leaves a joint on his brother's grave as they depart.

In "Sid", She answers Cassie's phone when Sid calls it, and angrily tells him that she's in an ambulance with Cassie (who had tried to kill herself when Sid chose Michelle). When Sid reaches the hospital, Jal blasts Sid, blaming him for Cassie's near death and telling him "you should have gone on the stupid date". Their argument awakens Sid to the fact that Cassie is deeply in love with him- and eventually makes him realize his own attraction for her. When the doctor comes in, she tells the doctors that she is Cassie's sister, and gets rid of Sid (believing that he is the last person Cassie would want to see).

In "Maxxie and Anwar", Maxxie disarms the man who was aiming a gun at Anwar and the police intervene, brought back by the drunk Michelle and Jal.

In "Michelle", Michelle breaks up with Tony over the events in "Maxxie and Anwar", and Jal tells Michelle about all the times Tony's cheated on her when prompted, and a distraught Michelle turns to Sid, hoping since he has always loved her, that he will comfort her.

In "Series Finale", she dances with Kenneth at Anwar's birthday party and the two seem to grow closer. When Chris's brawl starts, she makes easy work in fighting some of the large male attackers.

The Lost Weeks

In Posh Kenneth's episode, "Posh Kenneth Has a Secret", he sings an ode to Jal. It is assumed that he cares for her more than she does for him, as they are not together in the beginning of Series 2.

Series 2

In "Maxxie and Tony" Jal, Chris and Maxxie are the only friends who are still around Tony in the wake of his accident. However, Jal and Chris berate Anwar when he reveals the three of them are going to a party, which Jim Stonem will not let his son attend.

In "Michelle" Jal loyally goes on Michelle's birthday camping trip after assessing the misfortunes of Tony, Maxxie and Sid (who is in by far the saddest situation, with Cassie gone and his father dead) but becomes irritated with Michelle's self- pity and dislike of Scarlett, her new stepsister.

Jal promo

Jal in Series 2

In "Chris", we see Jal and Chris make a deal that Chris will give his life a go and stop saying 'fuck it' and Jal will stop saying no to everything. At a party that night, Jal shows her wilder side when Chris dares her to go and get the hat off the head of the singer at the party. She downs a can of beer and snogs the singer right on stage for his hat. Inevitably, she and Chris end up getting together for some time. Angie turns up however, Chris pulls out of his romp in the toilet with her when he thinks of Jal. When coming out of the bathroom, Jal is there and puts two and two together. Chris then attempts to get Jal back and they get back together, however he doesn't yet know that Jal is pregnant with his baby.

In the following episode, "Tony", she is seen in the club with the others but doesn't appear to drink alcohol. Tony tells her she is a bad liar and knows she has a secret. It isn't clear if she told him she was pregnant or not.

During "Jal", Jal attempts to tell Chris she is pregnant but considers having an abortion without telling him. Examinations are approaching and the gang focuses on them. Jal’s dad wants Jal to concentrate on exams and dump Chris. Meanwhile Chris has rented a house with Cassie, and wants Jal to move in. Michelle is embroiled in Spanish revision so Jal tells her she is pregnant in Spanish. Michelle does not understand and instead walks off with Tony. Jal tells her family she is pregnant. Her father demands she acts quickly. Jal’s mother makes a surprise return to instruct Jal to have an abortion. Cassie finds out Jal is pregnant and suggests she tells Chris. Jal attends her music audition and it goes well. She goes to Chris’ to confess her pregnancy but Cassie is there and informs Jal that Chris has been rushed to hospital. He has been keeping a secret too. The nurse tells Jal Chris is going into surgery because there is a blood clot on his brain. The condition is hereditary, because his brother died of the same thing. Jal gives him a lucky coin she won at the gaming machines with Cassie.

In "Cassie", it is revealed that Jal got a callback for the University she auditioned for in "Jal". Sid cooks a meal for Cassie to celebrate end of exams but also invites Tony, Chris, and Michelle. The meal is a disaster which results in Michelle shouting Jal is the worst off. Chris is confused and asks why, as Jal walks in. She tells him she is pregnant, but is having an abortion. Chris later states to Cassie that Jal is all he has, so he will unquestionably be on her side; however, soon afterwards, he forgets Jal's name, remembering it only as he is dying from a second cerebral hemorrhage.

In "Final Goodbyes", Jal reveals that she had an abortion. She appears to have regrets about this and can barely face getting out of bed on the day of Chris' funeral. However, Chris' dad banned all of his friends from attending the funeral, worried about embarrassment to the family. Chris' friends decide to watch the funeral from afar, whilst Jal makes this touching speech:

"I've been thinking about what Chris would have wanted me to say today. The advice he'd give me, which'd be something like, "Know what, babe? Fuck it. These guys know all about me. Tell them about someone else." So I thought I'd tell you about a hero of Chris's: a man called Captain Joe Kittinger. In 1960, climbing into a foil balloon, Captain Joe ascended 32 kilometres into the stratosphere. And then, armed only with a parachute, he jumped out. He fell for four minutes and thirty-six seconds, reaching seven hundred and forty miles per hour before opening his parachute five kilometres above the Earth. It had never been done before, and it's never been done since. He did it just because he could. And that's why Chris loved him - because the thing about Chris was, he said yes. He said yes to everything. He loved everyone. And he was the bravest boy - man - I knew. And that was - he flung himself out of a foil balloon every day. Because he could. Because he was. And that's why - and that's why we, we loved him."—Jal

Later that night, Jal is sitting by Chris' grave crying as Chris' dad offers his condolences.

It is not known if she got into the prestigious college of arts she auditioned for in "Jal", and it is not clearly stated if (or where) she is going to attend University the following fall, however it is assumed she at least got accepted into other Universities due to her stellar A-level scores. If she hadn't aborted the child, Jal would have been the first main character to become a mother. The third generation character Mini McGuinness would later become pregnant but keeps it and become a mother.


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