"Abbud" (Episode 1.06)"Alex" (Episode 6.03)"Alo" (Episode 5.06)
"Alo" (Episode 6.07)"Cadie" (Episode 1.04)"Cassie" (Episode 1.02)
"Cassie" (Episode 2.09)"Chris" (Episode 1.04)"Chris" (Episode 2.05)
"Chris" (US) (Episode 1.03)"Cook" (Episode 3.02)"Cook" (Episode 4.03)
"Daisy" (Episode 1.08)"Effy" (Episode 1.08)"Effy" (Episode 2.07)
"Effy" (Episode 3.08)"Effy" (Episode 4.07)"Emily" (Episode 4.02)
"Eura" (Episode 1.10)"Everyone" (Episode 3.01)"Everyone" (Episode 4.08)
"Everyone" (Episode 5.08)"Everyone" (Episode 6.01)"Final Goodbyes" (Episode 2.10)
"Finale" (Episode 3.10)"Finale" (Episode 6.10)"Fire: Part 1" (Episode 7.01)
"Fire: Part 2" (Episode 7.02)"Franky" (Episode 5.01)"Franky" (Episode 6.04)
"Freddie" (Episode 3.05)"Freddie" (Episode 4.05)"Grace" (Episode 5.07)
"JJ" (Episode 3.07)"JJ" (Episode 4.06)"Jal" (Episode 1.03)
"Jal" (Episode 2.08)"Katie" (Episode 4.04)"Katie and Emily" (Episode 3.09)
"Liv" (Episode 5.04)"Liv" (Episode 6.08)"Maxxie and Anwar" (Episode 1.06)
"Michelle" (Episode 1.07)"Michelle" (Episode 2.04)"Michelle" (US) (Episode 1.07)
"Mini" (Episode 5.03)"Mini" (Episode 6.05)"Mini and Franky" (Episode 6.09)
"Naomi" (Episode 3.06)"Nick" (Episode 5.05)"Nick" (Episode 6.06)
"Pandora" (Episode 3.04)"Pure: Part 1" (Episode 7.03)"Pure: Part 2" (Episode 7.04)
"Rich" (Episode 5.02)"Rich" (Episode 6.02)"Rise: Part 1" (Episode 7.05)
"Rise: Part 2" (Episode 7.06)"Series Finale" (Episode 1.09)"Sid" (Episode 1.05)
"Sid" (Episode 2.03)"Sketch" (Episode 2.02)"Stanley" (Episode 1.05)
"Tea" (Episode 1.02)"Thomas" (Episode 3.03)"Thomas" (Episode 4.01)
"Tina" (Episode 1.09)"Tony" (Episode 1.01)"Tony" (Episode 2.06)
"Tony" (US) (Episode 1.01)"Tony and Maxxie" (Episode 2.01)Abbud Siddiqui
Abigail StockAlex HenleyAlo Creevey
Amy FitchAngieAnthea Stonem
Anwar KharralCadie CampbellCassie Ainsworth
Chris CollinsChris MilesCook and Effy
Cook and Naomi (Friendship)Cook and PandoraDaisy Valero
DougEffy StonemEffy and Katie
Emily FitchEmily and KatieEpisode chronology
Esme SandersEura SnyderFinale
Franky FitzgeraldFreddie, Cook, and JJFreddie Mclair
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James CookJully AnaKaren Mclair
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