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Luke - 6x01
General Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Romances: Franky Fitzgerald (ex-girlfriend)
Enemies: Matty Levan
Nick Levan
Series Information
First Appearance: "Everyone" (6.01)
Last Appearance: "Franky" (6.04)
Potrayed by: Joe Cole

Luke was a minor character that appeared in Series 6 of Skins (UK). He was potrayed by Joe Cole.


Luke first appears when the gang is on vacation in Morocco, during the party in "Everyone", as a mysterious boy who is interested in Franky. Luke appears to be rich, attractive and a bit of a "bad boy". He and Franky dance together and begin flirting with each other behind Matty's back. Later, Luke and his friend show up telling the gang that they have something of Luke's, and that he wants it back. Earlier, the gang found a very large bag of weed hidden under the floorboards, but it turns out there were several kilos hidden around the house. Luke and his friends proceed to crack the floors open and reclaim their stuff. Luke then invites Nick, Alo, Mini, Liv, Franky, Matty, Rich and Grace to a party they're holding later that night. At the party, Franky isolates herself from her friends, choosing to sit on the beach a few yards away. Luke joins her, tells her "[she] doesn't owe anybody anything" and asks her to run away with him. Franky, seemingly terrified to settle down, agrees and they leave the party to get in Luke's car. Meanwhile, Liv has met a man on the beach who warns her about Luke, saying he's a drug dealer and "very, very bad." When Liv finds out that Luke's dangerous, she rushes over to stop Franky to go with him but it's too late. It turns out Luke's friends have hidden six kilos of dope in Matty's car, telling him that if he wants Franky back (and stay his girlfriend) he has to drive the car to Marrakech. It is unclear whether Luke intended to kidnap Franky or had genuine interest in her. Eventually, Matty, Liv and Grace end up following Luke in a car-chase ending with Matty losing control over the vehicle, going over the egde of the road and down a minor cliff. The accident ends up with Grace in a coma, Matty having to run from the drug police and Luke dropping Franky off, telling her to "go find him" in Bristol.

A few months later, in "Franky", she decides to look up Luke. They begin flirting with each other again and when he takes her to a pub car park, she sees him fighting. Franky punches someone in the face and she realizes that's what she wants. They often have sex and he tells her to move on from Grace's death. After an argument with her dads she doesn't answer Luke's calls but she has sex with him anyway whenever she meets with him again. When they end up in a fight, Nick saves her and she realizes that he's in love with her but she doesn't believe him. Luke shows up, beats up Nick and leaves with Franky. When Matty calls her, Luke throws her phone out of the car. They have sex but he doesn't let her look at him and he becomes rather aggressive. When Franky leaves him, he shows up and he tells her that he loves her and he wants her to leave with him but she just says "goodbye". He yells that she can't leave him when she walks away with her dad. He has no futher appearances in future episodes.