Matthew "Matty" Levan is a fictional character in the television series Skins, and is played by Sebastian De Souza.

He is the only lead character in the show's history to never have a centric episode (either solo or shared).


Matty is initially presented as being very mysterious, with no strong ties to any of the students at Roundview.

He is later revealed to be the brother of Nick Levan. However, their relationship is strained partially due to both of them having feelings for Liv Malone and later Franky Fitzgerald .

Although he is older than Nick, due to his frequent absences, expulsions, and failures, Matty is in the same year as Nick.

At some point before series 5, Matty left his family's home due to clashes with his father and (presumably) began to live on the streets. He has claimed that everything he wears is stolen (apart from a watch Nick gave him) and once joked (again only presumably) that he gave blowjobs for money. Initially, he is presented as easily amused, but distant- and when prodded sufficiently, harsh and critical. He presumably gained this personality during his exile from hime, along with his running and fighting skills; despite Nick's intense training in rugby and much greater strength, Matty is consistently able to dodge him and bring him down when they practice. Although presented as the shrewdest criminal of the gang and the most willing to tap into his dark past, Matty has a softer side as well; he demonstrates his appreciation of beauty through his music, and his appraisal of Franky during their first meeting. It is Matty, more than the rest of the third generation, who has the ability to evaluate and understand people that has become a characteristic of 'Skins'.

During the interval before Season 6, Matty's relationship with Franky has changed him dramatically. His passion for her has never been stronger, but her harsh bananas towards him has made him much more vulnerable, both physically and emotionally; it is now he who is looking to Nick for support, rather than the other way around. Matty's desperation not to let Franky slip away from him clouds his judgement, resulting in him being partially responsible for Grace's fatal accident while they are in Morocco. He then spends almost half of Season 6 trapped in North Africa, wanted for posession of drugs (although he was entirely framed) and denounced by everyone in the gang except his brother. During this second exile, however, Matty begins to regain his strength of character; he ultimately gets back to England on his own, confronts Franky and the gang, and turns himself in (though his personal guilt was over his role in Grace's death, not the drugs)

Character History

Series 5

In "Franky", he is briefly seen comforting a distraught Franky, and convinces her to stand up to Mini and call her out on the mean things she's done to Franky.

In "Mini", Franky briefly spots him in the crowd at Roundview's fashion show after-party, but leaves before Franky can approach him.

In "Liv" Matty appears and sits next to Liv (who is sitting outside a bus station), but after an awkward few words Liv gets up. However, she bumps into a man who is running. The unkempt man accepts her apology and thrusts some drugs at her and Matty just as the police arrive and arrest him for possession. When he has gone, Liv finds Matty and claims that the drugs belong to her. They look at them and agree to spend the day together before Matty leaves town. Liv announces some ground rules - no names, no touching and no future. Matty agrees and they begin taking the drugs. They end up at a petrol station but the drugs have not taken effect so they decide to steal some alcohol. As the shopkeepers are distracted, they brazenly steal a range of items. The cashiers notice and chase them but they manage to get away. Mini calls Liv, but she ignores the call. Matty claims that everything he is wearing is stolen, except for his watch, which was a present from his brother. Suddenly, the drugs begin taking effect and Liv and Matty walk down the street holding hands. They end up going into a fancy dress shop and dance around. They go into a back room and discover a mannequin with a mouse's head wearing a ballet outfit. The shop owner appears and hands Liv an outfit. She goes to get changed into it, but there is a camera in the corner of the dressing room. The shop owner turns the door-sign to "closed" and goes in to see Liv. As he starts trying to touch her, she screams, and Matty hits him over the head with a fire extinguisher. Liv kicks him and runs out with Matty. Matty finds the CCTV tape and takes cash from the till before they dress up in animal costumes and run away. They end up in a multi-storey car park, unspooling the CCTV tape. Afterwards, Liv admits that "it's starting to hurt" and they suck drugs off each other's fingers. She says it still hurts. Matty reassures her that his hand hurts from when he punched his brother the day before but he will be fine and the shop owner will be too. Liv suggests that they should check, but when they arrive they see police officers outside the shop. Liv asks where Matty was planning to go and asks if she can join him. He agrees and they end up going to a nightclub, where they agree to stick together. They both also suggest that this is "real". They kiss and go into the club, where they dance before running up to the roof. They begin kissing again and have sex. The next morning, Liv wakes up and sees Matty standing, looking out from the roof. She joins him and suggests that they should go. Later, Liv and Matty appear and say hello before running up to Liv's bedroom. Liv is disgusted to find Mini and Nick having a sexual encounter in her bed. Nick and Matty greet each other coldly and Matty admits that they are brothers. Nick yells at Liv that Matty is a "psycho" and warns her to stay away from him. Matty asks why he cares and realises that they have slept together. Mini sits in bed and starts to cry. Liv announces that the party is over and asks everyone to leave. She shouts at Matty that she doesn't know who he is and doesn't trust him, yelling at him to leave. Later, She runs to the bus station and discovers that Matty's luggage locker is empty, but finds him outside. Matty is angry with her and refuses to talk at first but Liv grabs his hand. In desperation, she ends up downing a whole bottle of vodka. Matty ends up walking her down an alley as she throws up. He gets her into a garage where he watches her being sick and gives her water. The next morning, he kisses her forehead when she wakes up and then kisses her, despite her fears that she smells. Matty shows her that she was sick but tells her to be quiet, because he broke into his house. Nick appears with a bat, but realises it is just Matty and Liv. Liv gets up to leave. As she goes, Matty begs Nick to talk to their dad, explaining that he needs to come back home.

In "Nick", When Nick gets home, his father Leon - a life coach - is on the phone to his client Warren, giving him some cruel 'advice' after his wife left him. When he hangs up, he hands Matty a contract about staying in the house, including rules about having no girls in his bedroom, not using Nick's sporting equipment, and finishing his education. Matty admits that he wanted to get a job to pursue his music, but Leon tells him he can stay and follow the rules or leave. Nick tries to keep the situation upbeat and Leon tells Matty to be more like him. Matty responds sarcastically but Nick desperately insists that he is being sincere to pacify their dad. Matty signs the contract as Nick witnesses. Leon leaves to meet Warren for golf. Before he goes, he mimes hitting a hole in one with Nick as Matty looks on scornfully. Leon pulls Nick aside and reminds him that he is better than Matty. Later, Nick goes to see Matty in his bedroom and tells him that he is looking forward to his rugby game. He adds that he has forgiven Matty for their fight and they shake hands. However, things become awkward when Matty suggests they talk about Liv. Nick insists that he was never into her and claims that his relationship with Mini is better than ever. Liv arrives at the house and Nick reluctantly lets Matty answer the door, despite their father's rules. Soon, Matty and Liv are having noisy sex. Nick lifts weights in an attempt to ignore them but gets an erection. He calls Mini, before heading over to her house with flowers, chocolates and massage oils. He gives her a massage, but Mini is unimpressed and appears to be in pain. Eventually she complains that he is jabbing her with his erection and reluctantly rolls over so they can have sex. However, it is extremely awkward and doesn't work out. Nick and Mini arrive at college and find Matty and Liv sitting outside. Nick claims that it is great that they are all friends, but there is clear tension. Nick spots his rugby boys and mimes throwing a ball, before Rider mimes having sex with it. Nick and the other rugby boys find it hilarious, but Mini, Liv and Matty are unimpressed. Leon arrives and the boys leave with him. Mini sits next to Liv, but Liv tells her: "Don't" and walks off. Inside, Professor Blood is reluctant to allow Matty to re-enrol because of his record but their father points out that Nick chose Roundview College because he was promised certain privileges. Nick points out that he is winning rugby games and promises that Matty will behave himself. Blood agrees that Matty can re-enroll and Nick is thrilled. Afterwards, Leon warns Matty that he is watching him before leaving. Matty admits that he doesn't know how Nick can deal with college and everything but Nick says everything he wants is right there. He takes Matty to meet the others, who are playing cards. Matty makes a joke that he survived on the streets by giving blowjobs and everyone laughs, but Nick quickly insists that it isn't true. He makes another comment and Rich is scornful, making Nick uncomfortable. He gets up to leave and Matty asks if he's coming out with them tonight. Nick sees Liv's face and claims that he can't come because of his rugby game. He leaves and the group laughs as he walks away. Nick goes to meet the others but stares at Liv and Matty through the window first. During a party later that night, Nick sees Mini dancing with Rider. He storms over there to complain, but Matty warns him to back off. Rider tells Matty to get back to his "tart" and Nick punches him. He calls after Mini but she tells him not to pretend he cares, saying that if he did he wouldn't have cheated on her with Liv. She storms off and Nick ends up going too. He arrives at the rugby pitch but his kicks aren't going well. Matty arrives and offers to play with him, but the game ends with Matty wrestling Nick to the ground. Nick yells that everything is easy for Matty and now he's returned to mess up his life again. Matty points out that he is not the one messing up Nick's life. Later, Matty arrives and watches on before telling Nick to go after he sees the aftermath of Nick destroying their kitchen. Nick gets home and discovers that Matty has packed a bag. He rushes into the kitchen and tells his father that he is responsible for the mess. Leon claims that Matty has got to him and Nick wouldn't have done anything if it wasn't for him. However, Nick claims that he wouldn't have done anything if it wasn't for his dad. His father says that they are ganging up on him and Nick agrees. Outside, Matty and Nick gather their father's books and his motivational posters and put them in a pile with Matty's contract. They get some beers and their father watches from a window as Nick lights a match and sets the pile on fire.

In "Alo", Alo notices a porn magazine (Sid Jenkins' "Asian Fanny Fun") during his meeting with Blood, which is being pulled across the floor. He follows it and discovers Liv, Rich, Franky and Matty, who have arrived to kidnap him. Later in the episode, Alo makes flour, water, and egg balloons out of condoms and calls Matty. Later, Matty, Franky, Grace, Rich and Liv arrive and Alo begins a fight by dropping two flour bombs on them. Later, the group sit outside together and Matty asks if Alo is sure it's alright if Nick comes over. Alo agrees and suggests that they should call everyone. Rich warns him to think about it but Alo insists that he has. During the party, Franky is annoyed by Mini's comments and goes over to dance with Matty and Liv. Alo arrives at a party being hosted by Nick and Matty. He says hello to Franky, but she heads upstairs. She sees a silhouette of two people kissing in the bathroom and gets closer. The door is ajar and she sees Liv and Matty having sex. Matty opens his eyes and stares at Franky, and she rushes off.

In "Grace", Later, the rehearsals - for Twelfth Night, which Grace is directing - are under way. Mini is painfully overacting and Grace decides to skip to a scene with Franky and Matty. Liv is irritated as she watches Matty's genuine emotional response and ends up announcing that she and Matty have decided to leave the play. Later, Liv reluctantly agrees to rejoin the play and Grace is thrilled. Matty and Rich arrive, and Grace realizes that Rich is drunk. Matty notices Franky being hassled by one of the guys at the bar, but Liv tells him not to get involved, saying that they are having a good time. However, Matty intervenes and the guys leave, causing Mini to yell at him. Later, Matty agrees to return to the play but admits that he hasn't spoken to Liv since the night before, adding that he doesn't think she trusts him. At rehearsals, Matty and Franky have another scene together but when Matty leans in to kiss her, she moves so that he only kisses her cheek. The next day, the performance begins and Liv and Franky have to kiss on stage. Liv sees Matty watching from the wings. When Rich appears on stage, Blood looks at him meaningfully but Rich performs well and makes everyone laugh, disappointing Blood. Backstage, Liv confronts Matty, alleging that her kiss with Franky turned him on. Matty says it did because she was kissing another girl, but Liv asks him whether he loves Franky. Matty says he loves Liv, but she asks him again about Franky. Matty doesn't say anything- giving himself away- and Liv storms off. Grace stops her from leaving but Liv tells her that she said it would all be okay. Grace insists that it will be but they have to finish the play. Liv agrees but stops as she passes Matty and tells him to forget Franky now. Despite a very awkward scene involving Franky, Liv and Matty, the play comes to an end and everyone lines up to bow.

In "Everyone", Matty finds Franky's note, which reads: "My head's fucked, what is this?" Mini arrives at the house and warns Matty to stay away from Franky today. She says she is Franky's best friend and is looking out for her, and claims that Matty has made her ill. She asks him not to "fuck with her head" and Matty nods in agreement. Later, Alo and Rich are met by Nick and Matty, who have stolen a trolley of alcohol from the supermarket. They run away together as some guards chase them. Franky watches as Liv kisses Matty and Mini comforts her. Alo takes a "shortcut" but ends up crashing and the van breaks down. During the crash, Franky falls on top of Matty and he apologizes. He hands her back her note and when she looks at the back, it says: "Something I can't stop." Everyone gets out of the van and Mini asks Franky what she was doing with Matty. In the woods, Nick starts handing out some beer. Mini's froths when she opens it and she flicks it at Nick. Soon the group is having a beer fight, but Mini is annoyed to see Franky and Matty flicking beer at each other and throws a can at them. She reminds Matty of their agreement and Franky is annoyed that Mini has been talking about her behind her back. Matty gets fed up and decides to leave with Liv, saying that he'll see everyone at the church. Meanwhile, Liv and Matty offer Franky some drugs and she reluctantly takes them. Soon, the trio are running along together hand-in-hand. Inside, Franky is taken by a sparkly chandelier and starts dancing underneath it as Matty plays the piano. Liv looks over sadly and walks towards Matty, whispering: "Game on" into his ear. She goes over to Franky and touches her neck, before unzipping the back her dress. She kisses Franky's neck and looks over at Matty, hoping to turn him on again; however, he shakes his head angrily. In the woods, Liv holds Matty back and asks why he stopped her from kissing Franky. He reminds her that Franky isn't an experiment, but Liv explains that she thought Matty wanted it and is trying to fix their relationship. Matty insists that he wants to and loves her, but Liv is disappointed when he adds "but". She says she would do anything to make him smile but it's not enough. Matty says they should catch up with Franky, but Liv refuses. Matty points out that Franky is high and will get lost, and says Liv will always be alright. As he leaves, Liv shouts after him that Franky will always be lost. Elsewhere, Franky is alone in the woods when Matty sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes. He admits that he has tried to stay away from her but can't. Franky admits that she feels the same but Matty says that he can't kiss her, though he wants to. Franky asks why he is messing with her head but Matty claims that he is just as messed up as she is. He eventually covers her mouth with his hand and kisses that, but Franky moves his hand and they kiss. They eventually collapse onto the floor and start kissing. Franky looks up into the trees, but as Matty puts his hand up her dress, the trees go a funny color. Matty looks at her and asks if she is alright, but she yells at him to get off and runs away. She shoots past Mini and Liv, who are surprised to see Matty emerge with his trousers undone. Mini asks what he has done, but the trio run after Franky. She trips and falls off a cliff, but manages to hang on. Liv catches up with her and begs Franky to take her hand, apologizing. Eventually, Franky takes her hand and Liv, Mini and Matty manage to pull her up. Mini asks Franky if Matty hurt her and Matty insists that it's not what it looks like, saying Franky just lost it. After Rich and Grace's aborted wedding, Liv and Matty hang back, and Liv tells him that it's not his fault. She adds that they had a good day on the day they met and she explains that she doesn't want to mess with that memory anymore. As most of them start dancing, Franky and Matty stare at each other. Franky sends Matty a text asking if he is alright, and he replies: "If u r. Don't know what I am." Franky replies: "You're a glorious headfuck thing. Own it." He smiles and Franky goes over to hug him.

Series 6

In "Everyone", Franky is now going through a rough patch with her relationship with Matty, despite having lost her virginity to him. They're spending together a long holiday in Morocco but while Matty, still absolutely infatuated, wants to be with Franky, she just seems to be pulling away from him. The main reason is, while Matty's attraction to her is genuine, Franky fell in love with him mainly because she was starving for romantic affection; having realized this, she wishes to look for other opportunities. When the gang reaches them on holiday they are seen fighting harshly, and although Franky is persuaded to apologize to him by Mini the result is not satisfying. That night all of them join the party at a flash nearby villa owned by Luke. As Franky is dancing he seems to be longing to be with her. He takes her hand and they go off inside to talk. Matty feels bitter and apologies whereas Franky tells him that their relationship is getting boring, and walks off going to the roof. Here she finds solace in Luke, clearly interested in her from the beginning. The day after Luke and his mate Jake pay the gang a visit. The weed they're smoking belongs to them and they need the rest back. Luke is checking out Franky who smiles in return while Matty seems agitated suspecting she's having an affair with someone. Luke forgives the gang for smoking their weed and invites them to a beach party pretending to make up. Matty, still in the dumps, keeps aside. When everyone is dancing, a group of peddlers, concurring with Luke and Jake, puts a shipment of drugs in Matty's car. While Jake threatens Matty that Luke will have his way with Franky if he doesn't deliver the drugs for them, Luke persuade Franky to run away with him. Matty tries to fight Jake but ends up getting beaten up. At the car Matty sees Luke and Franky drive away and Grace tries to console him. Liv, who's just learned from a boy that Luke is a dangerous guy, gets rushing into the car and orders Matty to go after them. A car chase ensues which ends up with Matty's car falling off a cliff. Grace passes out severely injured while Liv wounded as well revives. Matty, bleeding from his head, seeing the shipment of drugs and in shock at the sight of Grace apparently dead, runs away desperately. After three weeks a new shool year starts. The gang is divided, Grace is in a coma, Matty is still missing and wanted by the police. Nick misses his brother and wonders why he doesn't call. In the end Matty calls Nick but he doesn't answer.

In the episode 6 Nick, it discover that Matty is currently on Morocco, there he make a deal to get back to Bristol, but he needs that Nick help him. Which he does after a long negotiation wih "The Doctor".

In the episode 8 Liv, Matty returns to Bristol to the house of Alex, Liv's little sister confuse him wth Alex himself, however when Liv gets to Alex's house she finds out that is actually Matty who is back. She left him there to pass the night, When Alex came in the morning to his house, get in his room completely naked and find Matty in the same way, he ask if he (Matty) is a Gift from Liv, this one replies that hes not, So Alex introduce himself. After this, Matty is taking by Liv to Mini's House, there he will find Franky. He ask her what is she doing with his brother and then Franky replies that they are together now. He said that is not correct. She screams to him saying "Then go to Morocco again, nobody wants you here"

In Everyone, along with Nick, Matty goes searching for Franky, who keeps avoiding them. Franky admits that she loves him, but can't be with him or Nick, because it would hurt either of them too badly. Matty then decides to turn himself in & goes down to the police station with Nick.

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