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Michelle Richardson
Skins Portrait Michelle 03854
General Information
Nickname(s): Chelle
Gender: Female
Family: Jillian Richardson (mother)
Romances: Tony Snyder (ex-boyfriend)
Stanley Lucerne (boyfriend)
Friends: Abbud Siddiqui
Cadie Campbell
Chris Collins
Daisy Valero
Eura Snyder
Stanley Lucerne
Enemies: Tea Marvelli
Series Information
First Appearance: "Tony" (1.01)
Centric Episode(s): "Michelle" (1.07)
Last Appearance: "Eura" (1.10)
Potrayed by: Rachel Thevenard
To view the UK version of Michelle, see Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson was a main character in Skins (US). She was portrayed by Rachel Thevenard.

Character History

Season 1

In "Tony" Michelle is in a relationship with Tony Snyder. Though she is in love with Tony, Michelle has known Stanley since they were kids and is well aware of his infatuation with her. She also is a bit annoyed with Tony's constant flirting with other girls, including his choir co-star Tabitha.

In "Tea", Tony cheats on Michelle with Tea (although she proclaims herself to be a lesbian).

In "Chris", "Cadie", and "Stanley", Michelle is attempting to hold onto her relationship with Tony while also dealing with the possibility of a romantic relationship with Stanley.

In "Michelle", Michelle's doctor mistakes her for her mother and tests her for STDs. When the results show she has Chlamydia, she lashes out at Tony in the cafeteria, making it clear where her infuriation had stemmed from. Because Tony is Michelle's only sexual partner, he would have to have cheated to have gotten the Chlamydia he passed onto her. Daisy reveals that one of the girls Tony cheated on Michelle with, was in fact Tabitha. Having suspected this, during the same episode, Michelle had stormed backstage and tried to fight her.

Later, Michelle knocks into Tea, spilling the contents of her bag. While helping her pick them up, she finds the same medication her doctor had prescribed to her for Chlamydia. This causes tension between the two and the friendship is ruined. A crying Tea begs for forgiveness on Michelle's doorstep where Michelle tells her "This is the first time I've ever seen you cry.", before slamming the door in her face.

To get back at Tony, Michelle tries to have sex with Stanley, but he prematurely ejaculates leaving it as nothing more than a 'hand job'. When Eura gives Michelle a love note meant for Tea, Michelle realizes things can never be the same between them and throws the letter (which portrays a sketch of Tea on the back) into the ocean.

Finally seeing that Stanley loves her much more than Tony ever did, Michelle ends up with him at the end of the season.


  • She is the only character from the US series to have the exact same name as their UK counterpart.