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Portrayed By:
Daniel Black
Created By:
Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain
First Appearance:
"Mini" (episode 5.03)
Final Appearance:
"Everyone" (episode 6.10)
Last appearance of the "third generation"

Rider is a fictional character in the television series Skins, and is portrayed by Daniel Black.

He is a major supporting character, and the only one from the "third generation" to be included in the promotional materials along with the main cast.


Rider is initially shown to be Nick's best friend, and a member of the rugby team. However, he seems to be very promiscuous, even to the point of hitting on girls that Nick has liked or dated (namely Liv Malone and Mini McGuinness).

However, he still seems to be on friendly terms with the rest of the gang, though that doesn't stop him from antagonizing them when he gets the chance.

It is eventually revealed at the end of "Whore Wars" that he is at least bisexual, as he slept with Alex (as he shows Liv a pic of Rider's "Womb Raider" t-shirt).[1]



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