Skins is an American adaptation of the UK teen drama of the same name that follows a group of teenagers in Baltimore through their last two years of high school.

As with the UK version, the show explores issues such as dysfunctional families, mental illness, eating disorders, sexual orientation, substance abuse, and death. The American adaptation was created by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, who also created the original show.[2] As with the UK series, the U.S. version features a cast of amateur actors and young writers.

It premiered on MTV on January 17 2014.[3]

Cast and characters Edit

First GenerationEdit

The characters in the U.S. version are based on the characters in the UK version, although some names have been changed. For example, Sid has been renamed Stanley and Cassie renamed Cadie. However, the biggest change comes in the form of Tea, a lesbian cheerleader who replaces the character of Maxxie from the UK version.


From left to right: Chris Collins, Tea Marvelli, Abbud Siddiqui, Tony Snyder, Michelle Richardson, Daisy Valero, Stanley Lucerne, Cadie Campbel l and Eura Snyder.

Character Actor UK parallel
Tony Snyder James Newman Tony Stonem
Michelle Richardson Rachel Thevenard Michelle Richardson
Stanley Lucerne Daniel Flaherty Sid Jenkins
Chris Collins Jesse Carere Chris Miles
Cadie Campbell Britne Oldford Cassie Ainsworth
Tea Marvelli Sofia Black D'elia Maxxie Oliver
Daisy Valero Camille Crescencia-Mills Jal Fazer
Abbud Siddiqui Ron Mustafaa Anwar Kharral
Eura Snyder Eleanor Zichy Effy Stonem

Tony Snyder ( James Newman ) is a good looking, witty and manipulative kid who usually gets what he wants

Michelle Richardson ( Rachel Thevernard ) is a smart girl who acts dumb because she is scared how people will treat her

Stanley Lucerne ( Daniel Flaherty ) is a lazy stoner who can't decide to sit back and watch or stand up and be a leader

Chris Collins ( Jesse Carere ) A smart kid who loves to party

Caddie Campbell ( Britne Olford ) Possibly one of the most dysfunctional girls you will ever meet or maybe that's just another thing she's faking

Daisy Valero ( Camille Crescencia-Mills ) She is the responsible one who has a wild side

Tea Marvellie ( Sofia Black D'elia ) is a girl who likes girls

Abbud Siddiqui ( Ron Mustafaa ) A Muslim who has no problems doing Drugs, alcohol, and sex

Eura Snyder ( Eleanor Zichy ) Is Tony's younger sister who has the same characteristics as him but is very mysterious and quiet

Tina Nolan ( Anastaia Phillips ) A teacher at the school who is the. Object of Chris's affections

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