"Skins Secret Party Special" is a Skins "minisode" broadcast after the conclusion of the first Series, bridging the gap between Series 1 and Series 2. Many sites incorrectly refer to it as episode 1.10.

In terms of the show's continuity, it takes place some time after "Series Finale", however a specific time is not stated.[1]

The "minisode" has a running time of only 10 minutes.[2]

It was later included as a special feature on the DVD release of Series 2.



The episode opens with Sid, Anwar, Jal, Maxxie, Michelle and Chris relaxing on a hill next to a wood. They are noticeabley bored. Chris, under the influence of psychoactive drugs, claims that the hill is "fucking magic". On Jal disagreeing, Chris begins to tell the gang about a group of people called "Diggers".

The "Diggers"

Chris invents (or so he thinks) a historical group of people that existed around 600 years ago, who he names the "Diggers". The "Diggers" were poor and disagreed with the principles of money, tax and Cromwell and therefore decided to live on the hill which is shown in the opening of the episode and dig. They were "party animals" who coincidentally grew drugs. A lord in who lived in a large house in the woods would invite the "Diggers" to his house for large parties. Chris tells the group that they are, themselves, diggers and the gang will have a digger party that night. Chris begins to hallucinate and sees the gang wearing clown masks.

Preparation for the Party

Maxxie begins to put posters up around Bristol with a picture of a cartoon clown on them. He tells passers by, if they follow the posters they will be lead to a secret party. Meanwhile, Jal organises a band, Anwar struggles with instruments and Michelle gets the gang outfits for the party.

Chris is with Sid in the woods in order to find the lord's house but Sid leaves due to him being tired and hungry, after telling Chris "It's all in your head". Chris begins to see what he presumes are Diggers and hears laughing and a drum beat. He then meets a small man who hits him with a spade, so Chris flees and stumbles across the lord's house and the lord (both Chris thought he had invented).

The Lord

The old lord (who Chris sees as inconsistently either fully clothed or nude) confesses about the historic partys he hosted including Digger parties, foam parties and naked orgy parties. The lord points out a four poster bed, where the lord claims Napoleon sucked Brigitte Bardot's toes. (Unlikely, considering Napoleon died in 1821 and Bardot was born in 1934). The lord then asks what kind of party Chris would like to throw. The episode then cuts to footage filmed at the Skins Secret Party.

The Party and Aftermath

The gang are shown dancing and enjoying themselves amongst the competition winners at the Skins Secret Party (or fictionally amongst people who followed the clown posters at the Digger party). Sid mixes a bathtub of red liquid, which people drink out of before two girls in their underwear climb in and begin to kiss. A girl with a pill (which appears to be ecstasy) on her tounge approaches Chris, however Chris first hallucinates and sees her as being the lord. Chris then realises she is in fact not the lord, as the girl begins to kiss him. Sid sits in the bathtub, looking bemused. Chris, dressed as Napoleon, sucks on the toes of a girl dressed as Bridget Bardot. Elsewhere, Sid and Anwar then vomit, then kiss a girl sittin between them. Michelle is kissed by two boys in succession and Maxxie kisses a male clown. A girl dives on Anwar, before a boy enters a large box with Jal. The episode then cuts to Chris clearing up in the aftermath of the party. The credits roll.


Although Tony Stonem and Effy Stonem are featured in the promotional material for the "Secret Party", they do not appear in it due to the events in "Series Finale".

Similarly, Cassie Ainsworth is the only lead castmember from the "first generation" not to make an appearance in any type of promotional material for the "Secret Party", due to her moving to Scotland after the events in "Series Finale".

This is the first and only "minisode" to be aired on television, Unseen Skins and Character Video Diaries are only available for viewing online and available on the show's DVD releases.

However, it was initially broadcast exclusively on MySpace (nightly from 10pm to 6am) from August 17 2007 until August 31 2007.



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