Tina Nolan is a fictional character in the American adaptation of Skins US. She the gang's psychology teacher, but is considerd by them as one of the group, and she even has an affair with Chris Collins.


Tina is a loved psychology teacher at the school. As the show goes on, it seems Tina had some trouble growing up and she is mostly seen hanging out with the gang. Chris had a crush on Tina for a long time, and eventually they had sex and started an affair. This affair ended after Dave, another school teacher, found out about Tina and Chris and had Tina arrested. After the gang came to her rescue and had her released by testifying on the stand for her, Tina decided its time to grow up. She deleted Chris's number from her phone and moved back in with her parents, away from Chris.

Behind the Scenes

Unlike her UK counterpart, Tina is a major supporting character in the US adaptation, as she is the only adult to date (in both the UK and US versions) to get her own episode.