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Tony Snyder
Skins Portrait Tony 03173
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Family: Jimmy Snyder (father)
Renée Snyder (mother)
Eura Snyder (sister)
Romances: Michelle Richardson (ex-girlfriend)
Tea Marvelli (fling)
Series Information
First Appearance: "Tony" (1.01)
Centric Episode(s): "Tony" (1.01)
Last Appearance: "Eura" (1.10)
Potrayed by: James Milo Newman

Tony Snyder was a main character in Skins (US). He was portrayed by James Milo Newman.

Character History

Season 1


Tony tries to find a girl to take Stanley's virginity and finally settles on Cadie Campbell. After Tony auditions for a chorus part in an all-girls school, he is invited to a party by Tabitha. At the party, Michelle kicks it off by grinding on Tony and all is well until Chris Collins arrives which leads into wild partying. The next morning, Tony is driving a stolen car with everyone in it, rushing Cadie to the hospital. Cadie wakes up before they arrive at the hospital and they drive to a lake for her to pee in the bushes. With the stolen SUV parked in the bank of the lake, Stanley accidentally changes the car gears with his elbow and the SUV drifts into the water. All are safe and Tony swims to the surface saying "That could've gone worse."


Tony is set up on a blind date with Tea Marvelli by accident. They go drinking at "Northern Soul" and they start talking. After dancing they have unexpected sex. Throughout the season, he tries to mend his & Tea's relationship but to no avail, no one even talks to him.


Tony seduces Tea but Abbud walks in on them and finds out what they've been doing.


His girlfriend finds out he had been cheating on her due to him giving her chlamydia, which he also gave to Tea. This effectively destroys his relationship with Michelle and hers with Tea. The rest of the gang stop talking to him due to the web of problems his relationship with Tea creates.


Tony has become very depressed and is still pursuing Tea.