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    Message: Okay, I (might) suck at recaps but this might be the first one ever, so I'm trying my best to do this.

    You ever had a time where you could look back to the past and remember the time where Skins introduced its Second Generation, the most popular generation of Skins right after the first one that was also popular? Well, then you might remember the season 3 premiere dated from 2009. Okay, now, let's see. In the episode, after Emily gets ready for her first day of school and arrives at Roundview College and at its assembly. Roundview College is a school that the Skins gang goes to. It's a sixth term (junior and senior) high school even though the Britains consider it as a college, hence the school's name. It's also, what we call it, …

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  • Fabina Lover21911

    MEET THE WRITER: The Author's Introduction And Note

    Okay, lets get something straight here: 1). This book is nonfiction, even though it's about the British entertainment's favorite fictional supercouple 2). It's not about a soap opera (I wish it was), and 3). Obviously, the reason for writing this book is for two main reason—I love Naomily and I am 100% passionate about writing stories. Anyways, this secondary Naomily writer's name is Elisa Rosario, who's a PDD-NOS autistic trying to be a good person while keeping my autism to keep the special spark I had inside me, an aspiring writer, a hopelessly devoted Naomily shipper and an avid supporter for the gay community, newfound blogger-in-training, creative and weirdly artistic fanshipper, and…

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