Message: Okay, I (might) suck at recaps but this might be the first one ever, so I'm trying my best to do this.

You ever had a time where you could look back to the past and remember the time where Skins introduced its Second Generation, the most popular generation of Skins right after the first one that was also popular? Well, then you might remember the season 3 premiere dated from 2009. Okay, now, let's see. In the episode, after Emily gets ready for her first day of school and arrives at Roundview College and at its assembly. Roundview College is a school that the Skins gang goes to. It's a sixth term (junior and senior) high school even though the Britains consider it as a college, hence the school's name. It's also, what we call it, troubling. I know that from what Skins fans see that it's a popular five-star school, but the reason behind it is because they had to make a lot of difficult decision if they want the school to stay for a long, long time. That, and the other reason that their problematic is their economic troubles. The staff may be determined and strict but they are feisty, and sometimes sarcastic and neurotic. They can be a little like the Skins characters because they often cuss and they would drink and smoke, and sometimes have sex with one another. Weird, right?

Anyways, when Emily and her twin sister Katie arrives at the assembly, they sat next to each other and listen to what the staff were saying even they don't bother to listen to them. Then, out of the corner of her, Naomi notices Emily, who also noticed her, from a distance. Naomi was none to happy about it. She then sees Katie whispering something into Emily's ear which I doubt she heard it because her eyes were fixated on Naomi. I didn't know what she said but I'm pretty sure it's about Naomi and I'm pretty sure I won't like it. I remember seeing this episode before even though I caught a few bits of it. This scene was funny, but halfway at the end, it was a nightmare. Don't get me wrong. I know there's nothing scary with something being funny, but with this, the part before the end of the scene was particularly traumatizing to me because, apparently, Cook, whom Naomi never liked, thought it was funny to say something that Naomi deems that something he was going to show her was inappropriate, which in general, it was. So, Naomi tells the principal about that but only referred to it by his tattoo that is in a certain place that will never be mentioned or seen. And so he did. In. Front. Of. Everyone. In. The. Freakin'. School. I didn't knew what was coming until now and I screamed and quickly covered my eyes. After this, the half of the kids were freaked out and disgusted by this, especially the teachers, some thought it was funny, and Miss Reedy, who was introduced as a nervous attendance taker, was far beyond scared that she ran to exit the assembly, not knowing that the door she reached was the closet that kept all of the soccerballs, basketballs, footballs, and other sports equipment. Before hell broke loose even further, the whole school was finally silenced but the assembly grew more and more awkward when they heard a loud farting noise—that came from the principal because he held the megaphone behind his back upside down. With all of this, the assembly stopped very early. I would want to blame Cook or Naomi, but that part was too traumatizing for me that I'd rather hide in a pillow and cry myself to sleep. That's why I hate that part so much. Throughout the, Katie often insulted Naomi verbally because of her being gay, and that's something I don't like the most because it's very rude. Also, I don't like it how Emily was treated as the "doormat." Those are the two top reasons why I hate Katie Fitch: Her homophobic behavior and her bitchy attitude. Even though at the beginning of Series 4 she had changed and is much nicer to Emily despite still being sarcastic, I will never forgive her for her homophobic ways because homophobia is way wrong and is terrible thing to do.

Honestly, I wasn't crazy about this episode for a number of reasons:

1. What happened at the assembly.

2. Katie was so rude to Naomi and treats Emily like a doormat.

3. The ending had Cook and Effy having sex in the nurse's office.

So...yeah, it's not my favorite episode. Despite liking the scene where Cook and Effy meet, the first episode is still not my favorite. Never had been. Never will be. Never wanted to be. About the Ceffy meeting scene, I only like it when they got Skins' version of love at first sight correctly. It looked perfect. Well, except for what happens at the end of the scene but either way, good impression of boy meets girl for a Elsley-Brittain teen drama. Really it is.

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