Let me start out by introducing myself:I'm ...andtheynevergottogether,you can just call me ATN or Taya.:)I am new to this wikia,but you can find on on the Victorious Wiki most of the time.I noticed how almost every wiki has a Fanon wiki;If you don'tknow what that is;It's a wiki where people can build their own characters and episodes,Skins style.They are a few Skins Fanon roleplays on tumblr,but not everyone wants a tumblr account.I am going to start a new Skins Fanon wiki,and I need YOUR help.I will be making the first 10 people(or less,depending on how many want to come help me)admins.The rest of you,including the admins,can be able to make characters and Skin episodes.So who wants to help?If you do,post in the comments your signature,the first ten people are admins,you can start creating the wiki right away!or anytime you want,but not have the responbility as admin,and not do anything.I will be posting the link to the wiki in the comments after 10 people sign up.

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